If you have found yourself in the unfortunate situation of needing Powell Pest Control, you have come to the right place. Critter Wranglers in Powell, TN has over 35 combined years of helping families and business owners remove unwanted pests from their homes or offices. Like most people in Tennessee, we love the wildlife here; from the groundhog, down to the ground beetle, but we want to enjoy them from afar. If they have made their way into your home, then that creates a big problem. Nuisance animals can be just that; a big nuisance. They come into your home, make a mess, turn your nice warm and cozy home into theirs. We can help you safely and humanely remove these critters from your home.

Animals we Remove:

• Snakes
• Groundhogs
• Skunks
• Raccoons
• Bats
and more!

We also provide pest control services that fit your needs. Critter Wranglers offers months, quarterly, yearly, and one time services. You can also choose to have internal or exterior pest control or a combination of both. Our expert team can help you determine which service best fits your needs.

Insects we Remove:

• Ants
• Spiders
• Fleas
• Earwigs
• Cockroaches
and more.

Critter Wrangler is here to help you, contact us today!