Animal Relocation

Did you know that Critter Wranglers provides a variety of services to the Powell, TN community including animal relocation? We are a family owned and operated family company that loves the Tennessee wildlife. All of our professional animal handlers take all the necessary precautions to keep our customers safe as well as the nuisance animal that as invaded the home. Keeping everyone safe is always our #1 goal and 35 years of combined experience we have many tips and tricks up our sleeves.

A lot of our customers ask what we will do with the animal that we trap. This is a common and natural question because even though most of don’t want a raccoon making our attic their home; we don’t want to see them hurt or even worse. Critter Wranglers in committed to 100% animal relocation whenever its possible. We go out of our way to use state of the art humane traps that preserve the life of the animal so that it can be relocated to its natural environment.

Rest assure that Critter Wranglers will take care of any animal in your home or on your property in a way that is safe for your family, pets, and the animal as well. Contact us today with any questions.