Bat Pest Control is another great service offered by Critter Wranglers. Tennessee bats often get into attics and chimneys, but are compact enough to get into smaller and tighter spaces as well. Bats have sonar hearing which is called echolocation, which causes the mammal to emit vocal sounds. Hearing these screeching noises in your home is a good sign that you may have a bat problem. Another sign of bat infestation is seeing guano or bat feces, and also the smell of ammonia as their urine has an intense smell. It is important not to handle these creatures on your own, and to always seek professional bat pest control services if you think you may have a problem. Bats commonly carry the harmful virus rabies, and have been known to bite if handled.

Critter Wranglers will remove the pesky creature with a one-way trap, which is placed at the determined entry point. This enables a humane removal. Another problem associated with a bat infestation is the guano mess that is left behind. Critter Wranglers will clean up the affected area, which leave you with a clean and safe environment. This also helps to deter other bats from congregating in the same area again. Check out all of our animal proofing services we offer.

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