1. Animal Relocation

    Animal Relocation Did you know that Critter Wranglers provides a variety of services to the Powell, TN community including animal relocation? We are a family owned and operated family company that loves the Tennessee wildlife. All of our professional animal handlers take all the necessary precaution…Read More

  2. How to Prevent Raccoons from Entering your Attic

    How to Prevent Raccoons from Entering your Attic Has your attic become a home for a family of raccoons? If that's the case, it’s not uncommon, and the professionals at Critter Wranglers in Powell, TN are here to help. The first thing that needs to happen is recognizing the signs that some type of …Read More

  3. Alcoa Animal Control

    Alcoa Animal Control If you are in need of Alcoa Animal Control, you have come to the right place. Critter Wranglers has experienced with all kinds of animals that call Tennessee home. We are a full-service animal control company and we offer a wide range of services that accommodate all of our cust…Read More

  4. Custom Animal Traps

    Custom Animal Traps When it comes to trapping animals its extremely important to use the correct type of trap. As you can probably guess some animals are smarter than your average trap and it can take patience and the right hardware to get the job done. Critter Wranglers in Knoxville, TN likes to ge…Read More

  5. Knoxville Best Pest Control Company

    Knoxville Best Pest Control Company We are pleased and honored to announce that we have been named "Knoxville Best Pest Control Company." The family at Critter Wranglers would like to sincerely thank all of our loyal customers that voted for us, we appreciate your support and business. If you are a …Read More

  6. Knoxville Animal Control

    Knoxville Animal Control Critter Wranglers is a family owned and operated family pest control company that specializes in Knoxville Animal Control. We love the Tennessee wildlife like most people do in this beautiful state, but we want to keep wildlife where it belongs, away from your home or office…Read More

  7. Wildlife Control

    Critter Wranglers is a family owned and operated pest and wildlife control company, with over 35 years in helping commercial and residential customers. Our #1 goal is to help you eradicate any pest in your home; big or small, and make sure they do not return. We will also help with the clean-up of a…Read More