It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a flying squirrel! This interesting little critter is a nocturnal rodent native to Tennessee. It has a soft grayish-brown coat with large black eyes and a flat tail. It has a unique ability to “fly,” which is more like gliding, due to its loose skin connected at its wrist and ankle. These animals are very intriguing, to say the least, but they are only something you want to experience from afar. It’s a different story when they move into your house or office space. Critter Wranglers is here to answer all your flying squirrel removal questions!

How Do I Know If I Have Flying Squirrels in My Home?

Here are some signs you might be dealing with a flying squirrel:

  • Scratching, thumping or fighting sounds coming from the attic at night
  • Urine stains and or odors on the ceiling
  • Seeing their nests or food caches (usually acorns) in the attic
  • Small tunnels through blown attic insulation
  • The activity seems more prominent on colder nights

If you suspect you are dealing with an infestation of flying squirrels, do not attempt to remove them yourself, call us today for a free consultation!

How Can I Protect My Home from Flying Squirrels?

Once the unwanted pest has been removed, it’s essential that you allow us to animal proof the entry and exit points to ensure the animals do not return. We also clean up the mess the pest has left behind so that other wildlife is not attracted to the area. We use quality materials and our unique animal proofing techniques to effectively seal out future problems.

How Do I Prevent Flying Squirrels in the Attic?

Along with our flying squirrel removal and prevention services, there are simple and easy steps you can take to protect your home or business from these flying rodents. Check it out!

  • Trim overhanging branches along the roofline.
  • Cover vents on your roof and in the attic with vent covers to keep flying squirrels and other curious critters looking for shelter out of your attic.
  • If you notice damage on your roof, your shingles, soffits, and other exterior surfaces, have the damage repaired right away to keep the pests out.
  • Seal all potential entry/exit points.

Check your attic frequently for signs of flying squirrels and other wildlife. 

Safe and Humane Flying Squirrel Removal

With the use of various trapping techniques, we will safely and legally remove the pest from your home and dispose of the animals in accordance to your preference as long as it abides with state/federal law.

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