Welcome to Critter Wranglers! We are the ones to call for Knoxville Pest Control. It happens from time to time that unwanted pests make their way into our home or office and the problem goes un-noticed and quickly becomes too large to handle yourself. Critter Wranglers wants to help you get rid of these unwanted insects and rodents while keeping you and your family safe. Every situation we find is different from the next so our experience is unique. Our technicians will come to your home or office and let you know the severity of the problem and our plan to resolve it. We also have services for people who need regular pest control services.

Knoxville Pest Control Service:

  • Monthly: This is a great service if you are having a severe problem.
  • Quarterly: This service is perfect for commercial buildings and offices
  • Yearly: Great for flea control
  • One Time
  • Exterior
  • Traditional (Exterior & Interior)

We offer all of our services for our residential and commercial customers!

Critter Wranglers, LLC offers pest control services in and around Knoxville, TN. Our lead pest control technician has 15+ years of experience managing residential, commercial and municipal accounts. We are unique in the Pest Control Industry because our technicians are trained to handle ALL of your pests. Click here to contact us!