What’s creepy, crawly, and has 8 legs? Hopefully it’s just a spider out in your garden, but what if it’s in your house? It’s not uncommon for spiders to turn our homes into theirs. Spiders like to hang out in areas that are dark, quiet, dry and free of human activity. For most of us that’s basements, cellars, attics and closets. Let Critter Wranglers handle your spider control.

Common Spiders:

  • Wolf Spider: This spider is brown or grey in color and hairy. They may bite when threatened but their venom is not known to be harmful to humans.

  • Black Widow: This is venomous spider that is black in color and can easily be identified by the reddish-brown hourglass shaped pattern on its abdomen. While a bite from this spider may cause some medical problems and be quite painful, they seldom result in death.
  • Cellar Spider: Often found in messy webs around basement or garage ceilings. While there is some debate as to this spider’s ability to bite a human, their venom is not toxic enough to produce any ill effects.
  • Brown Recluse: This is a venomous spider that is small, brown/yellow, and has a violin pattern on its back and three pairs of eyes. This spider is not as common as most would have you believe and they are elusive by nature. Bites from this spider can become quite serious although most are not.

Signs of a Spider Infestation:

  • Webs present in the house or near the house
  • Eggs Sacks- Small silk spun sacks looking similar to a small cotton ball.
  • Seeing spiders in the house

If you suspect you may have a spider infestation, Contact Critter Wranglers today. We will help you manage these pests and the webbing activity around your home.

Whether it’s a one-time removal of a pesky pest or you’re in need of a monthly pest control service, we’ve got you covered. With over 35 years of experience there isn’t a wildlife, rodent, or pest problem we can’t handle. We serve private residents, commercial spaces, and municipal accounts.