1. Critter Wranglers is great

    “Critter Wranglers is great! They keep the spiders and other insects away from my home and have even taken care of some squirrels that got into my attic and a skunk for me. I highly recommend them if you are having any critter or pest problems around your house. ”…Read More

    -Ann L.
  2. ALWAYS prompt

    “For several years now, Matt has serviced our home routinely to prevent insects & rodents from taking up residence. He is ALWAYS prompt, kind, and effective. I have, and will continue, to recommend him highly!”…Read More

    -Debbie L.
  3. Wonderful

    “Wonderful, Matt and his team keep up with everything. He will come out a second time if ever needed and really knows what he is doing! Ill use them for life :)”…Read More

    -Ashley F.
  4. Highly highly recommend

    “Always fantastic service. They’ve even taken care of yellow jackets nests for me! Highly highly recommend :)”…Read More

    -Jacquelene M.
  5. The best crew

    “The best crew for any pest control needs. They have been doing pest control at the buildings I manage as well as preventative pest control at my home. When we have any unexpected guests in one of our buildings they come out fast and fix the issue! I cant say enough about the service and prices are great too!”…Read More

    -Kimberly L.
  6. Wonderful service

    “Wonderful service- Matt is very friendly and does a great job. I never notices bugs around the office. I would most definitely recommend using them.”…Read More

    -Anna H.
  7. Honest

    “Having previous experience with the exterminating business I can say that Critter Wranglers is an honest and great quality business. Matt and Marty are always on their game and do not cut corners. They are both down to earth and would go out of their way for a happy customer. I would recommend them to anyone.” .…Read More

    -Victoria W
  8. I love Critter Wranglers

    “I love Critter Wranglers! I feel very at ease knowing that they are protecting my home against pests. They are honest and trustworthy, and never try to sell you more services than what you need. I have known Matt for 20 years and I know that he is someone you can trust! Thanks Critter Wranglers! I would never use another company after using Critter Wranglers!”…Read More

    -Erin S.
  9. Recommend him very highly

    “Matt has been taking care of our pest control for many years. I would recommend him very highly. He is very honest and thorough in his work. If I have a problem he always comes to take care of it in a timely fashion.”…Read More

    -Debbie B.
  10. Awesome

    “Hello in Knoxville to the buyers-of-all-things local. I’m gonna take a min to say how awesome my pest control guy is! As concerned as we are about being holistically organic, very few things make me as happy as getting up in the morning and finding a golf-ball sized spider or 4″ fanged millipede met the Maker last night in my mud-room floor… But, back on track…here at the farm, we are …Read More

    -Laura N.